The award-winning director Flavio Rassekh signs the direction of the first video clip of the composer, singer and guitarist Roney Giah. With funding made entirely with a cell phone camera, the clip “Remember?” Intrigue viewers with new effects, developed exclusively for the film. Besides finalizing the clip Giah, the associate director of Guarana Films is producing and directing a documentary about the journey of Brazilian journalists to Iran

Sao Paulo …. October 2008 – The first music video from singer, songwriter and guitarist Roney Giah account with the signing of award-winning director Flavio Rassekh. The clip “Remember?” Song album “More days on Earth” is being finalized and was entirely shot with a cell phone camera. The difference lies in the effects created by unpublished Rassekh exclusively for the film. Associate director of Guarana Movies, Flavio Rassekh divides his time between directing films and cinema advertising. Currently, the director-filmmaker is producing and directing a documentary about the journey of 3 Brazilian journalists to Iran in its work related to music, Rassekh highlights the direction of the music video “Comfort of your arms,” the singer maranhense Rita Ribeiro – indicated several awards in Brazil and abroad – that was the first clip MPB aired in theaters in São Paulo and on MTV.

Formed in Film and TV Production from the University of California (UCLA), Flavio Rassekh has worked in projects related to content development, linking technology with artistic verve. The director – a “professional drifter” who has traveled to over 30 countries, including Albania, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Israel, Germany, Italy, England, Bulgaria, Greece, Canada and Mexico – worked for two years in the United States. Awarded by the movie “Brazil with Art”, the Federal Savings and recognized for innovative work in the documentary “DNA Brazil,” Flavio Rassekh is preparing the documentary “Architecture of Unity”, co-written with journalist Vincent Adorno for launch in Chile, South Africa and Germany.