Jingle Punks hires Roney Giah

E-musical business based in New York, Jingle Punks announced the signing of singer, songwriter and guitarist Brazilian Roney Giah. Directed by Jared Gutstadt and Daniel Demole, the Jingle Punks is a database specialist emprover music tracks for film, TV and web series. The company was identified by Business Week as one of the most promising new businesses in the United States.

Mumbai, October 22, 2009The innovative musicality of Brazilian Giah Roney joins the portfolio of Jingle Punks, music e-business that acts as a database of independent music. Headquartered in New York, Jingle Punks, directed by Jared Gutstadt and Daniel Demole, was elected by the American magazine Business Week in 2009 as one of the most promising new businesses in the United States. With the partnership, the work of composer, singer and guitarist Brazilian will be available for composing film scores, TV and web series. Among the customers of Jingle Punks are networks NBC, CBS, Viacom, Comedy Central, Vh1, MTV, Bravo, TLC, Starz and History Channel and A & E. In addition to serving the entertainment industry, the company has contracts with advertising agencies and branding.

According Giah Roney, the partnership with Jingle Punks has joined the other projects that the artist develops outside. New technologies have allowed me to invest in international career without abandoning projects in Brazil. The Jingle Punks is a further step in this direction, “says the musician.