Roney Giah wins Honorable Mentionin The Billboard World Song Contest

São Paulo, Brazil, Jul 27, 2009 – The Brazilian artist Roney Giah won Honorable Mention in The Billboard World Song Contest for his composition Time is so still. The contest, created by the prestigious music journal Billboard, is in its 17th edition. Time is so Still, an acoustic track from Roney Giah’s fourth CD Queimando […]

Perseptom conquest FEMUPO 2009

Perseptom conquest FEMUPO 2009 The end of the 2009 edition of the Festival de Música Popular Brasileira de Barueri (FEMUPO) held on August 22, said as the group winner Perseptom Vocal Band, in the “Silver House” and “Popular acclamation.” The musicians performed the song Impossible – written by the composer, singer and guitarist Giah Roney […]

Honorable mention to “Time is so still

Mike Pinder’s Songwars grants Honorable Mention “Time is so still,” Roney Giah composition. Created by Mike Pinders – keyboardist for the band The Moody Blues, success of the 1960 – Mike Pinder’s Songwars gave Honorable Mention to the music of Still Time is so Roney Giah. The same composition was highlighted in July 2009, the […]

Flavio Rassekh signs the direction of the first video of Roney Giah

The award-winning director Flavio Rassekh signs the direction of the first video clip of the composer, singer and guitarist Roney Giah. With funding made entirely with a cell phone camera, the clip “Remember?” Intrigue viewers with new effects, developed exclusively for the film. Besides finalizing the clip Giah, the associate director of Guarana Films is […]

Jingle Punks hires Roney Giah

E-musical business based in New York, Jingle Punks announced the signing of singer, songwriter and guitarist Brazilian Roney Giah. Directed by Jared Gutstadt and Daniel Demole, the Jingle Punks is a database specialist emprover music tracks for film, TV and web series. The company was identified by Business Week as one of the most promising […]

Roney Giah is featured MySpace Brazil

The singer, songwriter and guitarist Giah Roney is one of the artists of the Week Brazil portal My Space (, My Space Music page. The Brazilian musician recently received an Honorable Mention in the category World, The John Lennon Songwriting Contest – one of the most renowned international festivals composition. In 2008, Giah international career […]

Roney Giah concludes cd “Queimando a moleira”

The fourth album from composer, singer and guitarist Roney Giah – first with the support of the Municipality of São Paulo, via Law Mendonça – has been completed and is scheduled for release March 2010. “Queimando a moleira“ is a cd copyright, composed of 18 original songs, inspired by the “chamber pop” pop music chamber. […]

Roney Giah signs contract with British label ASTRANOVA Records

The partnership of composer, singer and guitar player Roney Giah with aASTRANOVA Records will result in a compilation to be released in 107 countries. “Yesterday’s tomorrow” will bring together music from cd’s Seed, More days on Terrae In the sight of recoil. Sao Paulo … April 2008 – The music of Brazilian innovative Roney Giah […]