Roney Giah signs contract with British label ASTRANOVA Records

The partnership of composer, singer and guitar player Roney Giah with aASTRANOVA Records will result in a compilation to be released in 107 countries. “Yesterday’s tomorrow” will bring together music from cd’s Seed, More days on Terrae In the sight of recoil. Sao Paulo … April 2008 – The music of Brazilian innovative Roney Giah is conquering the international market. The composer, singer and guitarist has signed a contract with British label ASTRANOVA Records to release a compilation entitled “Yesterday’s tomorrow.” For the promotion, the record shows they produce podcasts will be available in 107 countries. “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”, which will be sold at I Tunes, will bring together seven of the album’s Seed (1998), six of the album’s More days on Earth (2006) and a range of unprecedented In the sight of recoil, plus a bonus track produced with exclusively for the compilation. The label interest occurred after the musicians have, for two consecutive times, the songs “Amar Com E” and “Rain” – the CD “More days on earth – set the” Track of the Day “by two million users Garage Band site ( music portal American who has curated by George Martin, former producer of The Beatles. The invitation to join the cast of record executives came from Scott Hill and Alex Catillo, respectively CEO and Talent Hunter ASTRANOVA of Records.

“The ASTRANOVA represents a new proposal for a record label which aims to create a worldwide network of creative artists featured: artists who share a common mission to explore new musical horizons. With an exceptional team of international artists and composers, the ASTRANOVA Records strives for quality and originality, foregrounding the dissemination of world music. In this context, we celebrate the entry of Roney Giah this team, “said Scott Hill, CEO of ASTRANOVA Records, noting that the collection will be launched in the second half of 2008.

According to Roney Giah, the opportunity to gather a collection of compositions intended for the exterior is a result of new trends in the music industry, which has sought alternatives compatible with evolving technology. “What happens in today’s musical world is a revolution. The artist has, finally, how to expand his art into a market that is not limited by geographical boundaries or technological. The possibilities are indeed endless. I am very happy that my work excites people from other continents and can expand to the rest of the globe. It’s fantastic to think that Yesterday’s tomorrow will meet my songs of yesterday and tomorrow. The ASTRANOVA bring my career to a new universe, “says Roney Giah.