Roney Giah wins Honorable Mention in The John Lennon Songwriting Contest

With songs with Love and Time and is so still, “the musician Roney Giah was nominated for The Musicoz Award in the category” International Artist “.

In its ninth edition, the prize – which is based in Australia and provides over $ 200 billion in contracts and international tours – aims to highlight artists on the rise in independent music scene internationally. The announcement of the winners will be on March 26, 2010, at The Sydney Town Hall in Australia.

Sao Paulo, March 3, 2010 – For highlighting independent artists on the rise in the international music scene, The Musicoz Award indicated the Brazilian Roney Giah the 2010 edition, in the “International Artist”. The composer, singer and guitarist received a statement with the songs “Love with E” and “Time is so still.” The ninth edition of The Musicoz Award – one of the main awards of the Australian music industry – will grant the winners more than $ 200 billion in contracts and international tours.The names of five finalists from each of 17 categories will be announced on March 9 and winners will be announced on 26 March 2010, at The Sydney Town Hall in Australia. More information about Musicoz The Award can be found at

Roney Giah has consolidated his career abroad through contracts for the marketing of music and international awards for his compositions. Before being officially launched, for example, the composition Time is so still – which includes the CD “Burning the soft spot” to be released in April 2010 – surrendered to the Brazilian musician an important international award: Honorable Mention in Billboard World Song Contest, awards created by the U.S. magazine Billboard, considered the “Bible” of music. In 2008, Roney Giah was the only Brazilian musician to receive Honorable Mention from The John Lennon Songwriting Contest – has curated by Yoko Ono and the jury made up of musicians Carlos Santana, Wyclef Jean, Fergie (Black Eyed Peas), John Legend, AlJareau, Bob Weir (Grateful Dead), Lamont Dozier and Natasha Bedingfield – in the World category for the song Love with E, which includes the CD More days on Earth.

In 2008, the musician was invited to participate in the soundtrack of Hollywood film No pain, no gain, and signed a contract with the English label ASTRANOVA Records to release collection of Yesterday’s tomorrow. For diffusion, the record shows produced podcasts available in 107 countries. Yesterday’s tomorrow, which is marketed by I Tunes, brings together seven of the album’s Seed (1998), six of the album’s More days on Earth (2006) and a bonus track exclusively produced for ASTRANOVA. The importance of the label occurred after Roney Giah take the music with I Love and Rain – Album More days on Earth – as listed in the Track of the day by users of the site Garage Band (, north portal of music American who has curated by George Martin, former producer of the Beatles.

In 2009, Roney Giah joined the portfolio of Jingle Punks, e-business of music that acts as a database of independent music. Headquartered in New York, Jingle Punks, directed by Jared and Daniel Gutstadt Demol, was chosen by U.S. magazine Business Week (2009), as one of the most promising new businesses in the United States. With the partnership, the work of composer, singer and guitarist Singapore is being made available to compose film soundtracks, TV series and web.Among the clients Jingle Punks are the networks NBC, CBS, Viacom, Comedy Central, Vh1, MTV, Bravo, TLC, History Channel and Starz and A & E. In addition to serving the entertainment industry, the company has contracts with advertising agencies and branding.

The news about the awards and partnerships with record labels were published in newspapers and news portals of the major newspapers of the United States and Europe and New York Times, Washington Post, Herald Tribune, Hollywood Reporter, MSNBC, The Earth Times.