Soundtrack of American film “No pain, no gain” includes Roney Giah’s composition

The composer, singer and guitarist Roney Giah signs the song “Translate the world” (It does not make too much sense), which integrates the soundtrack of the American production “No pain, no gain” – recently released film, the Brazil, on DVD. The composition is a result of partnership Giah with musician Alexander Puga.

São Paulo, June 17, 2008 – The song “Translate the world” (It does not make too much sense), composition of Brazilians Giah Roney (music) and Alexander Puga (letter), is part of the soundtrack of the production north American “No pain, no gain.” Available on DVD in Brazil, the film – shown in 250 theaters in the United States and the International Film Festival of St. Paul – was appointed by the magazine International Musclemag as the heir of film “Pumping Iron,” the 1977 film that marked the Arnold Schwazenneger debut. In “No pain, no gain” (in free translation, “no pain no gain”), actor Gus Malliarodakis plays a bodybuilder who fight against the use of anabolic steroids by athletes. With cameos by Jill Mills – the strongest woman in the world – Dennis Newman, Joe Hursley and Crystal Calderoni, the film was quoted by ESPN in the United States. In Brazil, “No pain, no gain” was mentioned in the “Sunday Spectacular” TV Record, in a story about steroids. The innovative musicality of Brazilian Roney Giah is conquering the international market. Besides the presence in the soundtrack of the film “No pain, no gain,” Roney Giah signed a contract with the British label ASTRANOVA Records for the release of a compilation titled “Yesterday’s tomorrow.” For disclosure, the record shows produce podcasts which will be available in 107 countries. “Yesterday’s tomorrow”, which will be marketed through I Tunes, meet seven tracks from the album Seed (1998), six tracks on the cd More days on Earth (2006) and a range of unpublished In the crosshairs of recoil, plus a bonus track produced with exclusivity for ASTRANOVA. The interest of record occurred after the musician have, for two consecutive times, the songs “Love with E” and “Rain” – the album More days on Earth – listed the “Track of the day” by two million users Garage Band site (, music portal American who has curated by George Martin, former Beatles producer. The invitation to join the label’s casting came from executives Scott Hill and Alex Catillo, respectively CEO and Talent Hunter’s ASTRANOVA Records.

Roney Giah graduate of Musicians Institute of Technology in Los Angeles (USA) in 1994, Roney Giah studied with Pat Metheny, Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, Joe Diorio, Joe Pass, Stanley Jordan, Jennifer Batten (guitarist for Michael Jackson) and Gray Cat (Prince keyboardist). Back in Brazil, the singer and guitarist released his first CD – Seed – Sharp Award nominee 1998. In the same year, ran for Visa Award (instrumental edition) and won second place in the Festival Berklee / Souza Lima in São Paulo. He also had his music on the hard clay relaunched Pearl Brazilian Team 3, a collection of Brazilian artists. In concerts and presentations, Roney Giah has shared the stage with Sandra de Sá, Claudio Zoli, Milton Guedes, Xis, Bocato, Rappin Hood, Roberto Sion and Mane Silveira.

On the second CD of the musician, More days on Earth, mergers of guitars and nylon guitars, percussion vocals with horn section and gospel choir to give a deep bass drum mixing, wrapped in an aura Brazilian. Launched in April 2006, in a show that packed the theater of the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS), the CD More days on Earth brings unreleased songs and letters, signed by the artist Roney Giah – a groundbreaking work that integrates unique sounds and rhythms from different musical roots. In this unique recipe notes and letters, Roney Giah reaches a new song, impact. A fusion of rhythms that are not usually played simultaneously. The work was recorded in studios Bebop, Groove and Paarmann, in São Paulo, and was pre-selected in the 2006 edition of the TIM Music Award and Latin Grammy 2006.

Last year, attended the Hi Giah New Sound 2007, the cultural project Hi mobile phone operator, with which undertook a tour in Recife (PE). The track reminds?, From the same album, was featured in Hi FM, a leading radio Pernambuco.